In 2005, Farmers Edge began as the vision of agronomists Wade Barnes and Curtis MacKinnon. Together, the two set-out to explore the possibilities of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) alongside growers in Pilot Mound, MB, Canada. Over the next ten years, Wade and Curtis developed their version of VRT into a system that has helped thousands of farmers improve yields and cut wasted inputs across millions of acres.

Today, Farmers Edge has over 350 employees who specialize in data science, precision agronomy, GIS, hardware engineering, software development, soil science and sustainability. By remaining an independent and unbiased company, Farmers Edge supports growers around the world by providing industry-leading VRT, field-centric data management and analysis, along with reliable boots-on-the ground support.

Farmers Edge is proud to call Hefty Seed Company a partner. Hefty’s objective is, and always has been, to help growers accomplish three things: Yield More, Earn More, and Improve the Land. Farmers Edge can help farmers achieve all three. Through this partnership, Hefty’s customers will have access to Farmers Edge Smart Solutions™ to help them harness the power of big data and increase yields on the farm.

What distinguishes Farmers Edge from the competition is their ability to collect and apply the right data. By investing heavily in their customer base to digitize the farm, Farmers Edge provides the most up-to-date data for accurate prescriptions and recommendations.

Farmers Edge shares Hefty’s belief that the farmer comes first, so our agronomists and customer support team will be there every step of the way. Together, we are creating a one-stop shop for growers seeking to optimize their profitability and productivity.

Midwest Laboratories, Inc. opened its doors for business as A & L Midwest Agricultural Laboratories on May 15, 1975.

In 1980, they purchased an 11,700 square foot building. In 1985, the company officially split with A & L Laboratories, but retained the name until June of 1993 when the company chose the current name of Midwest Laboratories, Inc. In 1988, the company occupied a new structure, which brought the total square footage to 40,000 and allowed for the expansion of staff and state of the art facilities. Today, the six-building campus houses over 90,000 square feet of laboratory and support area.

Midwest is dedicated to offering a broad spectrum of capabilities within the realms of agriculture, environment, feed, food and fuel.  Midwest services clients throughout the 50 states and continues to expand in the areas of new methodology development and state of the art instrumentation.  Today, their staff of 125 employees have accumulated over 1,000 years of service to their company.

Midwest Laboratories
13611 B St.
Omaha, NE 68144